Mouse abuse

by exemigrantka

I have been working like a woman possessed these last few days. I have actually inflicted a somewhat unpleasant, albeit of mild nature, injury to my right wrist as a result. Maybe that is why I tend to avoid at all cost the part of my job that has had me treat my faithful mouse with such intensity. I refer to editing, of course.

Well, I do have quite an impressing pile of work all ticked off and finished to show for it, even though some of it is not quite yet ready to be premiered, so to speak. Soon…

What I have so far is this:

The patterns for the above garments will be published in a limited edition of 100 copies per pattern on the 1st of October 2011. They can be pre-ordered at the Stitchville boutique.

Phew. Off I go! My to do list is waiting!

More to follow. Much, much more.