Sock obsession

by exemigrantka

It is a miracle that I did not (at least to my knowledge) dream of socks this week just gone.

I have truly led a sock-obsessed life for a few days. The reason for that was the impending publishing deadline for The Joy Of Socks patterns. I have underestimated the complexity of the pattern writing to such a degree that, to protect my own sanity, I had to postpone the release date by a few days.

The patterns are so long that I actually had to paginate them! But, do not be intimidated. It’s not just writing – there are masses of pictures and charts as well.

I have been telling the truth when I said in my description of the City Sock that, indeed, it only looks innocent.

The great news is that both patterns are now out. A 100 copies each that is, as it is a limited edition.

What a lovely feeling. This will be a sock-free weekend, I assure you.