On knitterly re-incarnation and bags

by exemigrantka

I have been re-visiting some projects I have made last year – purely for my own pleasure. You know, the kind that just fly off your needles, or crochet hook – as was the case here.

I had some chunky yarn around that was begging to be used and I took putting it out of its misery rather seriously.

I love bags. I don’t think one can have enough of them. Well, at least not in my household where there seems to be plenty of items that need their little neat homes and organising is high on the agenda (a very successful survival strategy for a mother of three, I can tell you that). Hence this green bag is now a rather glorified container for all manner of plastic bags and it occupies a prominent place in our kitchen. People laugh at a thought of a family of humble plastic bags “living” in such a fancy “home” (excuse my kiddie language here – one hangs out around them for long enough and the next thing one knows is that one actually sounds like them!).

I made this green bag out of some chunky hand-dyed wool. It needed 1 kg of yarn! It was huge before felting. The fancy art yarn is by Pluckyfluff.

The other felted crochet bag is this one here:

This used to be my daughter’s sweater. Very much loved and well used (this included a few munches left by the nasty moths here and there). When it got to the point when it was both too small and looking rather tired, I simply frogged it and turned it into a bag for her. You should have seen my face when I pulled it out of the washing machine! I was astonished by how vibrant and fresh the colour was and how soft the fabric has turned out. It’s a fabulous way to give a tired knit a brand new glamorous life.

I have now finished writing up both patterns and they will be available at the Stitchville Yarn Boutique very soon… Look for them in the Stitchville Gallery.