Lost & found

by exemigrantka

I have been consistently and steadily unearthing my carefully stored knitting notes and editing them into neat parcels of knitterly receipes.

It’s tedious, satisfying and liberating.

Today I finished editing pattern for alpaca top I have made in 2008. I had amazing notes I have taken in the process of making the garment, which I thought were lost when my laptop was stolen a couple of years ago. Alas, I have found them whilst ploughing through one of my massive back-ups the other day. And thank God for that – otherwise it would have been an altogether different experience! Given the circumstances, it was relatively easy to produce straight forward instructions. As most of my patterns, it comes with a key to help knitters create a bespoke size. This pattern also has a couple of charts to help people understand the inner workings of the construction, which of course is seamless!

The interesting thing to note is this – the working notes written up three years ago are stylistically quite different than my current way of writing knitting patterns. It was great to see that I have honed and improved my style. I don’t think about such things without such an obvious prompt as this!

Bell-sleeved Alpaca Top