Friendly deadline

by exemigrantka


It appears to be the case for me that some projects are simply never ending. Not necessarily because I am not capable of finishing them. I simply get distracted. I’m sure many of you can relate to this omnipresent phenomenon… Frankly, my  own flippant attitude to completing what I begin (at least on occasion) shocks me!

This is precisely what happened to a cotton Kaffee Fassett cardigan I cast-on for some 5 years ago. I got the project started in the summer (it was a “holiday treat” project). Alas, summer ended well before I even completed the back of the cardigan. And so it went in the box and promptly got forgotten amongst many other projects, which needed to be completed because they were “work” projects.

Having seen the recent Kaffe Fasset exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum in Bermondsey, I “unearthed” the box from the bottomless depths of my yarn room and had my senses pleasantly tickled at the sight of the lovely summery colours. I resolved to finish the cardigan and the matching vest in time for the knitting holiday in Bath this September. I shall greet the Ladies arriving at Elton House proudly wearing my completed and fully lined cardi, beaming with satisfaction of a woman who knows how to put pressure on herself in the most loving of ways and to complete what she has started.

PS: The other unfinished summer project started mere 2 years ago is a cotton blanket for the kids. This one is also geting finished this summer. I shall keep you posted.