Mirror reflexions

by exemigrantka

cardi mirror reflexions

This is one of those lovely, perfect, simple lessons that do not require many words to be taught…

The issue:

How do you avoid having to weave in the ends at the centre in front parts of the cardigan?

The solution:

In a good pattern the left side of the cardigan would have already solved that issue for you. When you start working the right front however, beware of following the instructions for the left front word for word (and they will tell you to reverse shapings, you can count on that!).

You can do so once one tiny adjustment has been implemented.

Simply, wherever possible, join the new lengths of yarn on the outer (seam) side of work. In the above cardigan this was not consistently possible in the stripy section of work, where yarns would have to be switched at random intervals, but once I got to the main pattern section with the lovely thistles, that part became very straight forward. When it was time to work the first row of purple section I was actually facing the right side of work – just like when I worked that exact part in the left side of the cardi (so I would have needed to knit). Time for one tiny adjustment!

I simply slipped all the stitches from one needle to another so that I was facing the wrong side of work. I then joined the yarn and followed all the instructions word for word from that point on (so my first row switched from a knit row to a purl row)… The trick here was to work the flower pattern “in reverse”. The rows that on the left side were right side rows became wrong side rows and vice versa. This was a little taxing at first, but I switched to this new sequence fairly quickly. And, actually, it was fun to be kept on my toes by my knitting like that!

The benefit:

All the woven in threads are neatly protruding on the seam side of the front sections and there are virtually no threads to weave in at the centre, where everyone’s attention will go once this garment sees some wear.

I was able to follow the instructions pretty much word for word when working right side of the cardi, which took a lot of figuring out out of the equation, because the shapings reversed themselves for me!.