Tube it!

by exemigrantka


Continuing in the spirit of turning knitwear seamless, today’s post is all about turning seamed singlets into seamless ones.

I’ll be using my Kaffe Fassett cotton singlet as an example.

  • Cast on no. of stitches your pattern requires for the front,
  • place marker and then
  • cast on no. of stitches required for the back,
  • place marker (this will be your beginning of round marker).
  • Join for working in the round being careful not to twist the stitches. Apologies, I cannot stop myself from mentioning this last bit of advice – I blame years of writing and editing knitting patterns.
  • And presto! You’re ready to roll…

For me this added up to 260 stitches.

Now the trick is to follow instructions for the front on the front section stitches, and for the back – on the back section of stitches.

In case of my singlet it is stockinette stitch for cms to come.

I’ll keep you posted when something noteworthy happens with this project.